dungeongame is an abstraction of concepts like idle games, iterative games, clickers, dungeon crawlers, and RPGs. It is the congregation of game mechanics that might interest players of those genres.

As it is a work in progress, there may be balance issues and a lack of documentation/tutorialization, and there is plenty of content to be added.

Generate, manipulate, and craft your Dungeons and Items to fit your needs.

Upcoming Features

  • Tutorials and Tips given by cute fairy NPCs
  • Challenges, Achievements, and Story
  • Balance Tweaks, Bug Fixes
  • Content, content, content!
    • Tons more enemies to design and implement
    • Many unfinished mechanics to design, implement, and tweak
    • Additional Traits, Modifiers, Elements, Properties, and more
    • Skills, Resources, Battle mechanics, bosses, etc


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by goki · 1 post
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